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Tekto Group Projects

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Tekto Franco residential complex is located in M. Kontselidze N8 in Batumi, the project is built on an area of ​​11,000 square meters and includes a total of 813 apartments.

The construction of the project is in progress. Tekto Group with the highest quality energy-efficient and ecologically safe materials produced by international standards.

The apartments in the project have a green frame, which means that plastered walls have been removed, the floor has been stretched, double aluminum doors and windows have been installed, and communications like electricity, water, and gas have been brought into the home. A present of the smart home package will be given to each Tekto Franco resident.

Residential Complex

Tecto Franco residential complex includes 4 buildings and the space combines commercial areas, sports fields, parking, children's entertainment center and recreational areas.


handover date 2024

20 floors

handover date 2026

20 floors

handover date 2025

17 floors

handover date 2027

The residential space of „Tekto Franco” combines: commercial spaces, fitness club, sports fields, children’s entertainment center, underground two-level and above-ground parking lots, well-equipped workspace and recreational areas

The project is being built by „Tekto Group” with environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building materials produced in full compliance with international standards. with B30 brand concrete, polystyrene-concrete block, B500B class reinforcement The thermal insulation properties of an energy-efficient house allow you to. Save your utility costs and live in an environmentally friendly environment

Every home purchased in the „Tekto Franco” project comes with a smart home package as a gift.

Think about the future, think about Tekto!

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